About me

My name is Oleg Shwartz, and it's a pleasure to meet you!

The world we live in CAN be a really dark place; but It does not have to be. In fact, for some people it gets darker every day. There's so much hurt, anger, pain, sadness, and discomfort; it is no wonder a lot of people end up being damaged and distraught. Some lose hope! Some even cave in and give everything up. 

I should know, because I was once in the darkest of places myself. Hopeless, despondent, broken— everything I held dear was like ash in my hands and mouth. So many times I wanted to throw in the towel and just let go. Anxiety, worry and negative thinking were constants in my life. It felt like everything was crumbling in my life and all I could do was watch it fade into darkness.

But I didn't! Somehow I realized the key to getting out of that black hole, no matter how deep in I was, and I began to change my life for the better. And here I am today!

The "www.olegshwartz.com" support centre exists in the following forms:

1. Podcast Show "Happiness is Easy with Oleg Shwartz"

2. "Happiness is Easy" Facebook Page with daily increasing following.

3. Positive Clothing Online Store where from each purchase $1 is moved to a Mental Health Fund to pre-pay for any Mental Health Services for anyone across the globe!

My aim is to help you create a life that is totally yours! To pursuade you to act now!

As a Certified Life Coach and a ThetaHealer Practitioner my life’s purpose is to help you discover what your true-life purpose is!

I can help you connect and re-wire your mind, body, and soul; all of which is needed to transform your life into the life of true JOY, HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT!

Free of negativity!

The end goal of all these efforts is to save lives and help people attain their truly desired realities!

Happiness is not a far-fetched truth! It doesn't have to be hard to get. Life should flow easily and joyfully.

Join my Network of Happiness today. It's designed to provide an environment of support to all those who need it. Happiness is yours, only if you take it by acting and not just waiting for a better day! Join me today!