The World is Your Canvas and You are the Artist, Make that Masterpiece!

Posted by Oleg Shwartz on

Everyone has been gifted the artistic power over his or her life. Yes!

You are an artist with brushes called 'talents', 'skills' or 'passion' with which you can freely paint a crystal clear picture of the kind of future you want. Given this enormous level of freedom to explore and deploy your creative juices into creating an artwork of your life, you must not take it for granted. The entire world is your Canvas, begin from your corner, one stroke at a time and sooner than you would expect, your picture perfect life begins to take shape.

Typical of any piece of art, you might make mistakes. Some you could easily wipe off and begin again, others you can not. Nevertheless, do not quit painting. Continue at it consistently and zealously. With time, errors fade out in light of new decisions or paths taken from experience. Those that stubbornly refuse to, become themselves designs (which in life we refer to as scars) that complete the story of the masterpiece you created.

Know that everyone has their unique work of art to create using the tools life left at their disposal. So do not compare your journey to others, do not stare at other people's canvas so long you lose touch of yours.

Utilize your skills and gifts. Maximize opportunities. Have the mindset that you dictate what your life would be like by your actions and inactions  tucked safely in your heart. If you begin painting today, you would surely have a masterpiece ready when you arrive at your future.


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